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lightyearsahead's Journal

Light-Years Ahead of Where We Should Be....
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This is a prompt community for your sci-fi needs. If you're having difficulty coming up with an idea to write from, or just enjoy a challenge, this place was intended for you.

All prompts can be found here.

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  1. One version of a canon character will appear on the taken character list and have community access, save for characters that have multiple versions of themselves in their canon. For example, each Zev Bellringer or each Doctor will be allowed, but only one Spock or Mickey Smith. This is so writers can address AU versions of their character, both canon and imagined, without treading on anyone's toes.

    If you play an OC or a duplicate character and still want to use the prompts, comment to the post with your prompt with a link.

  2. Any use of prompts that might have happened in other communities is unintentional. If you are deeply distressed by a duplicate prompt, please let me know and I will take it down and replace it with a safer prompt. I would like this community to be about creativity and not hostility.

  3. Please place any prompts longer than 300 words behind a cut, and attach appropriate warnings for violence, spoilers, graphic sexuality, drug use, language, or anything you might consider offensive. It is also in good taste to cut posts with spoilers for media that's been out for less than a month. Visitors should be aware that some prompts might contain spoilers.

  4. To stay on the taken character list, you must be active once every two months. This shouldn't be too demanding, even with the most rigorous of RP schedules.

  5. Prompts will be posted each week, with a different theme in mind. For example, one week will be quotes, another lyrics, another RP scenarios. Recommendation of prompts is welcome.

  6. Be nice or I'll ban you. Simple as that. Like I mentioned, I would rather see creativity than discomfort.


  • Check the Taken Character List and see if your character is on it.

  • If they're not, apply with your character journal.

  • Wait until you're approved and join lightyearsahead and lya_fen. You'll be given a journal tag and a character tag. This isn't only to monitor activity, but so you can go back and find your submissions.

  • Post at your leisure.


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